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Kids Personality Development and Learning

In order to assist students from weaker section of society ANAVI Dehradun team decided to organize "Kids Personality Development and Learning Classes".

Classes were started from 17-Aug-2019 onwards 1500-1700 PM every Saturday. Mrs. Nandita Singh/ Capt. Rohit Singh were kind enough to provide their Preparatory School premises for the activity.

Besides providing their school they have been regularly attending these session and helping our team in every possible way. Currently we have about 10 students who are regularly attending these classes ranging from LKG to Class 8 with career goals of becoming Singer, Dancer, Doctor, Artist, Army person and the favorite of most kids being a policeman.

Though we never got the answer why were kids so interested in becoming a policeman wondering if Singham or Simbha had something to do with it. From 1500-1630 generally this time is devoted for studies, helping kids in topics and subject they need attention or finding it difficult to cope with. Maths and English being the usual trouble maker for these kids. Luckily we have a couple of professional teachers in our group especially to help class 7 & 8 kids 1630-1700 is devoted extra curriculum - games, quiz, singing, dancing, drawing, etc.

We have completed 14 Sessions now and our ANAVI team is enjoying it as much as the kids are.

Really difficult to say who awaits the next Saturday more excitedly ANAVI team or the Kids.

Help Us To Help Them

Let's Join Hands And Work Together To Fulfill Their Happiness

You may help us in various ways. Not just by donating fund, but you may also be a part of working team. You can come along with us to serve the underprivileged society. Be with them, teach them, spend time... it could be any thing. They need good words to share.

At the least, one can also help by spreading the work of Anavi on social media. If not you, anyone else may be willing to join.

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