Contributors / Donors

For Anavi, each donor is special. Irrespective of the amount they contribute towards the growth of Anavi, we Thank one and all.

Anglo Eastern Group
Mr. Peter Cremers
Capt. P. Chawla
Capt. Anil Tejpal
Capt. Vinay Singh
Mr. Vineet Gupta
Mr. O.P Vineeth
Mr. Arun Kumar Roy
Mrs. Maya Gupta
Mrs. Krittika Jana
Mr. Bhaskar Bose
Mr. Prosenjit Moulik
Mr. Arunava Sinha
Mr. Gogol Bose
Mr. Gaurav Basu
Mr. Prashant Kumar
Mr. Sanjib Roy
Mr. K.C. Pradhan
Mr. Piyush
Mr. Arvind Prasad
Mr. Sudipta Mondle
Mr. Debanjan Ghosh
Mr. Chandan Chowdhury
Mr. Ratan Ghosh
Mr. S. Mukhopadhyay
Capt. Deepak Correa
Mr. Arunabh Pal
Mr. Ananya Sundar Mondal
Mr. Sandip Biswal
Mr. Vivekananda Kar
Mr. Prodeep Chaudhury
Mr. Hemant Verma
Mr. Rohit Singh
Mr. Probal Da
Mr. Sudip Nag
Mr. Leslie Pinto
Mr. Subhra Saha
Mr. Hemant
Mr. Shankar Saha
Mr. Sandip Bose
Mr. Laxman Raja
Mr. Arijit Maitra
ECDIS Batch No. 91 (Mumbai)
MRM Batch (Kolkata)
Doehle Danautic Shipping
B-WACA Batch No 30 (Kolkata)
Marpol Batch No 137 (Kolkata)
Mrs Saswati Guha

Come forward. Be generous.

Donate, Give, Share.

Be it monetary help, spending time or sharing resources.

Help Us To Help Them

Let's Join Hands And Work Together To Fulfill Their Happiness

You may help us in various ways. Not just by donating fund, but you may also be a part of working team. You can come along with us to serve the underprivileged society. Be with them, teach them, spend time... it could be any thing. They need good words to share.

At the least, one can also help by spreading the work of Anavi on social media. If not you, anyone else may be willing to join.

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